Your Voyage



What is Success After 60? How do you define it? How does this guide your actions on your voyage through this exciting phase of your life?

Are you traveling and checking places off your bucket list?

Concluding or starting a new career?

Striving to maintain or improve your health?

Building your wealth or stretching your dollar?

Caring for a loved one?

Pursuing a new or continuing a lifelong passion?

Regardless, this blog about you. We’ll inspire and inform each other as you continue your voyage. And, lest it get too boring or heavy, we’ll be sure to make time for fun.

We’ll be inspired by those amongst us who have framed or reframe their individual definitions of success to adapt to new realities or sudden realizations. And we’ll inform one another about new trends and opportunities to help us as we strive and thrive.

Join the conversation and broaden all of our perspectives as we “rewire” together, build community and have some fun on our fantastic voyage!


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