Success is Embarking on a Life Review

Understanding Lessons Learned on Life’s Voyage Reaching age 70 has prompted me both to celebrate and to awaken.  Starting a new decade has always been a time of reflection for me but this time it’s sobering.  Roughly one out of three of us at this age, statistics say, will not reach our 80thbirthday. So, realizing […]

Success is Inspiring Others

Teaching Your Mind to Inspire Others: 25 Big Lessons Made Simple My mother was a classroom teacher for more than 40 years and during that time she positively impacted the lives of thousands of her students.  Her professional accolades were many from loving students, appreciative parents, admiring co-workers and mentoring principals. I knew this but, to […]

Success After 60: Reinventing Retirement on Your Revolutionary Voyage

Join Adventurous Baby Boomers Like You Who Are Reinventing Retirement on a Revolutionary Voyage The world has changed dramatically since Baby Boomers took their first breaths. As a result, this huge demographic moving into retirement years will experience opportunities and challenges no other generation has faced. And, because such a large number will be living […]

Success is Renewing Childhood Friendships

 Success is Renewing Childhood Friendships If you’re lucky, you still hang on to your childhood friendships.  In this ever-changing, whirling planet, it’s nice to be able to share a memory or relive a moment with someone who was there for your sixth birthday party, especially if your parents and grandparents have departed. And, so, six […]

Success is Feeling Normal & Grateful

Success is Feeling Normal & Grateful There’s nothing quite like a class reunion to snap you into reality and to question your definition of success. There you hear stories that, most likely, will make you feel normal…and grateful. First, you realize that not everyone is still around to share, brag or complain.  Then you realize […]

Success is Stayin’ Alive

                                              Success is Stayin’ Alive We mark our lives with significant people and events.  Sometimes, we don’t appreciate either until a lot of time has passed.  Sometimes, it takes 50 years to want […]

Success is Being Ageless

Success is Being Ageless Sometimes I feel ageless.  Other times, I feel about 120 years old.  I can usually tell how the day will go when I roll out of bed.  At the rate I’m going, I’d be surprised if outlived my father who, thank God, is still sharp as a tack but who keeps […]

Discovering Your Roots

Can discovering your roots give you a clue about the meaning of life?  It seems that at about the age of 50, we suddenly realize that we likely have more years behind us than ahead of us. By the time we reach 60, it seems we “step on the gas” to find answers to life’s […]

Romance and Sex After 60

What is romance after 60?  Where does it fit in, if at all, with sex?  How do you define yourself as successful in this arena?  Do you even care? Somewhere between complete chastity and dirty dancing is where many of us over 60 probably define ourselves.  That’s a fact, however, only if you trust the […]

Successful Grandparenting

Successful grandparenting in the 21st century is a whole new ballgame.  Family life has changed dramatically with the number of two-career couples living far away from grandparents.  The family support system has altered greatly for many and the role of grandparents has morphed into a new reality. Here are 10 tips to consider: 1.  Realistically […]