Your Crew

Heading up your crew is Vicki Vega, a leading edge baby boomer blazing new trails, learning new skills and exploring new opportunities with her cohorts.

A thought leader in human development, she has inspired others and reinvented herself numerous times in her career which has included: owning and operating two educational services businesses, teaching at four colleges and universities, and serving in executive roles at two chambers of commerce. Early in her career – and way before the advent of new media — she worked as an editor and reporter in the newspaper, magazine and television businesses.

More recently, she was tapped by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to participate in an invitation-only Business Leads Education Institute sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

She is currently enthusiastically engaged in building the Success After 60 community with her cohorts via this blog, representing clients across the USA on a project basis, researching family genealogy, and keeping up with her children and grandchildren.

For fun, she travels around the world, takes Zumba and other fitness classes, monitors trends, and builds friendships around the globe.

Contact Vicki anytime to discuss your outrageous ideas and disruptive innovations…or just to say “hello.”



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