Turning 75: Having Confidence!

Success after 60, 70…but now 75? What’s it all about? What does it all mean? And, very importantly: What’s next? For the lucky few — and I count myself amongst them — it’s been a great ride. Regardless, how long can/will it continue? We might wonder. Quality vs. quantity of life now seems a major […]

Success is Embarking on a Life Review

Understanding Lessons Learned on Life’s Voyage Reaching age 70 has prompted me both to celebrate and to awaken.  Starting a new decade has always been a time of reflection for me but this time it’s sobering.  Roughly one out of three of us at this age, statistics say, will not reach our 80thbirthday. So, realizing […]

Success is Inspiring Others

Teaching Your Mind to Inspire Others: 25 Big Lessons Made Simple My mother was a classroom teacher for more than 40 years and during that time she positively impacted the lives of thousands of her students.  Her professional accolades were many from loving students, appreciative parents, admiring co-workers and mentoring principals. I knew this but, to […]

Success After 60: Reinventing Retirement on Your Revolutionary Voyage

Join Adventurous Baby Boomers Like You Who Are Reinventing Retirement on a Revolutionary Voyage The world has changed dramatically since Baby Boomers took their first breaths. As a result, this huge demographic moving into retirement years will experience opportunities and challenges no other generation has faced. And, because such a large number will be living […]

Success is Fighting the Good Fight

  Success is Fighting the Good Fight: Helen Gordon Davis Helen Gordon Davis learned at an early age to stand up for herself and roll with the punches. At the age of two, her family lost it all in the 1929 market crash. Just seven years after that, her father died. She witnessed poverty first-hand and […]

Success is Solving a Family Mystery

My Great-Grandfather was a Spy: An Under-the-Radar Operative for José Martí Information about my paternal grandfather, Genaro Hernandez, was always scant and why was always a mystery to me.  It all made sense, however, when my research took me to Key West, Florida to meet with Tom Hambright, revered local historian.  Then and there I […]

Literacy Education

Success is Tenacity

  Shelly Dorfman was two years old when she came out of the closet.  Until then, a closet with a window was her bedroom in her family’s small Philadelphia apartment.  Ironically, for a woman who would later become an accomplished and innovative literacy specialist, she had few books as a child. But her extended family […]

Success is a Roadmap for Transitions

Lunch with an expert in adult transitions It’s not often one gets to have lunch with a true expert in adult transitions. So, since I am one of a boat-load of baby boomers in the midst of rewiring/ redefining/reinventing oneself, I jumped at the chance to corral Dr. Nancy Schlossberg when I ran into here […]

Workplace Success: An Encore Career?

  Baby Boomer Workplace Success May Lie in Encore Career  Many Baby Boomers choose to stay in the workplace beyond the traditional age of retirement….and many choose an encore career. See how  many of us are taking advantage of the multitude of ways and means and opportunities to head “back to school,” in many cases […]

Success is a Series of Adventures

  Success is a Series of Adventures Jim Shirley grew up in the “cotton and bean country” of Helena, Arkansas where there was, in his words, a “pretty good public education system” and where he was surrounded by a lot of “concerned teachers.”  Little did he know then, the adventures ahead. “We were poor, but […]

Success is Growing From a Crisis

Success is Growing From a Crisis

Every now and then you meet someone who can teach you a lesson. As I grappled with writing a blog post that had meaning and depth, I happened upon a conversation with a long-time, dear and trusted friend. She told me about someone she worked with whose spouse developed early Alzheimer’s some years ago. After […]

Fit for Life

Success is Staying Fit for Life

Art’s Passion for Fitness Art Mahoney says he grew up as a product of a “mixed marriage.” His father was Irish and his mother was Italian. In those days – two months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor — that type of union raised eyebrows in his Queens, N.Y. neighborhood where Art grew up in […]

Juggling to Success

Juggling on the Road to Success

Bonnie Lattimer was not born juggling but she became good at it on the road to success. Her interest in design began when she was 10 but it would not be until she was 34 that she would begin formal training. In between, she grew up, married, had two children and worked as a dental […]

Success is Traveling

Success is Traveling Imagine yourself traveling through Spain, Morocco and Portugal. Now imagine doing this on a bus with 45 people, nearly all over 60.   Covering three countries in 16 days can be challenging, even with a skilled bus driver and an experienced tour leader. The trip can turn from challenging to fascinating with […]

Success is Creating Fun

 Success is Creating Fun  A neighbor once told Jean Cochran something that she would remember for the rest of her life, something that would become her tagline. “You have to make up your mind that, if you’re going to have fun, it’s up to you to create it,” she said. “You can’t just wait for […]

Success is Enlightenment

  Success is Enlightenment With Yoga It took Eleanor Wilson Williams awhile before she earned her degree from Harvard. Twenty-five years to be exact. She started her studies in 1958, dropped out to marry and rear four children, and returned to graduate cum laude in 1983. Success, right? Yet, at mid-life, that was just the […]

Rocking Through Life: Age is a State of Mind

Success After 60: Music is the Magic “Age is a state of mind. It’s not how old you are….It’s how you are old.” So says Donna Caruso Baccarella who is rocking through her 70s with a full schedule as an attorney & counselor at law and vocalist for The Fabulous Rockers. It was her vocal performances that […]

Success is Creativity in Motion

Success is Creativity in Motion  When Gale Fulton Ross moved out of her 4,000 square foot art studio recently after a successful 50-year career as an artist, one might think she’d be inclined to take a bow, pack it up, and call it a day. Instead she’s creating the next phase of her life as […]

Navigating to Success

Sailing Through Life and Navigating to Success.  A native of the seaport city of Valparaiso, Chile, Jose Antonio Garnham graduated from high school and left home to attend the Universidad de Chile in Santiago to “change the world.” There he earned this first post-secondary credential, a Bachelor of Political Science and Public Administration majoring in […]

Unstoppable Success

  Sarah Pappas is simply unstoppable success. Some people retire. Others don’t. Some can. Some won’t.  The ones who don’t and won’t are the “unstoppables.” Sarah Hughes Pappas is one of these. With a step by step, methodical approach to career development and a simple formula for personal success, Sarah remains enthusiastically committed to her […]

Success is a Journey of Passion

  Success is a Journey of Passion Growing up across the street from an orphanage can help explain why Jane Goodwin is so appreciative. And having her parents invite an orphan to live in their household while Jane was in high school can help explain how unspoiled she is despite otherwise being an only child. […]

Success is Being Ageless

Success is Being Ageless Sometimes I feel ageless.  Other times, I feel about 120 years old.  I can usually tell how the day will go when I roll out of bed.  At the rate I’m going, I’d be surprised if outlived my father who, thank God, is still sharp as a tack but who keeps […]

Success is Almost Heaven

The Lukowskis: Success is Almost Heaven The first time I met Michael and Judy Lukowski they were living in a trailer. Michael was a grad student at the University of Florida and Judy worked for UF as an agricultural extension agent. As natives of West Virginia, they were characteristically down to earth. And they were […]