Success is Embarking on a Life Review

Understanding Lessons Learned on Life’s Voyage Reaching age 70 has prompted me both to celebrate and to awaken.  Starting a new decade has always been a time of reflection for me but this time it’s sobering.  Roughly one out of three of us at this age, statistics say, will not reach our 80thbirthday. So, realizing […]

Success is Inspiring Others

Teaching Your Mind to Inspire Others: 25 Big Lessons Made Simple My mother was a classroom teacher for more than 40 years and during that time she positively impacted the lives of thousands of her students.  Her professional accolades were many from loving students, appreciative parents, admiring co-workers and mentoring principals. I knew this but, to […]

Success After 60: Reinventing Retirement on Your Revolutionary Voyage

Join Adventurous Baby Boomers Like You Who Are Reinventing Retirement on a Revolutionary Voyage The world has changed dramatically since Baby Boomers took their first breaths. As a result, this huge demographic moving into retirement years will experience opportunities and challenges no other generation has faced. And, because such a large number will be living […]

Success is Solving a Family Mystery

My Great-Grandfather was a Spy: An Under-the-Radar Operative for José Martí Information about my paternal grandfather, Genaro Hernandez, was always scant and why was always a mystery to me.  It all made sense, however, when my research took me to Key West, Florida to meet with Tom Hambright, revered local historian.  Then and there I […]

Workplace Success: An Encore Career?

  Baby Boomer Workplace Success May Lie in Encore Career  Many Baby Boomers choose to stay in the workplace beyond the traditional age of retirement….and many choose an encore career. See how  many of us are taking advantage of the multitude of ways and means and opportunities to head “back to school,” in many cases […]

Success is Growing From a Crisis

Success is Growing From a Crisis

Every now and then you meet someone who can teach you a lesson. As I grappled with writing a blog post that had meaning and depth, I happened upon a conversation with a long-time, dear and trusted friend. She told me about someone she worked with whose spouse developed early Alzheimer’s some years ago. After […]

Success After 60 Kicks Off Boomer TV Series

Success After 60: Reinventing Retirement TV Series This is about you, the Baby Boomer.  What you care about, what you want, what you need to know. This is about your present and your future. This is about your next or new phase of life. This is about reinventing, rewiring, repurposing, redirecting. This is about reinventing […]