Success After 60: Reinventing Retirement on Your Revolutionary Voyage

Join Adventurous Baby Boomers Like You Who Are Reinventing Retirement on a Revolutionary Voyage The world has changed dramatically since Baby Boomers took their first breaths. As a result, this huge demographic moving into retirement years will experience opportunities and challenges no other generation has faced. And, because such a large number will be living […]

Success is Growing From a Crisis

Success is Growing From a Crisis

Every now and then you meet someone who can teach you a lesson. As I grappled with writing a blog post that had meaning and depth, I happened upon a conversation with a long-time, dear and trusted friend. She told me about someone she worked with whose spouse developed early Alzheimer’s some years ago. After […]

Fit for Life

Success is Staying Fit for Life

Art’s Passion for Fitness Art Mahoney says he grew up as a product of a “mixed marriage.” His father was Irish and his mother was Italian. In those days – two months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor — that type of union raised eyebrows in his Queens, N.Y. neighborhood where Art grew up in […]

Never, Never, Never Get Sick!

    Back in the day when doctors made house calls, Dr. Corum, our family physician, would pull up in front of our house with his medical bag at the end of what was surely a long day. He’d pull out his stethoscope and thermometer and do what he could to cure my ills. (This […]

Success is Enlightenment

  Success is Enlightenment With Yoga It took Eleanor Wilson Williams awhile before she earned her degree from Harvard. Twenty-five years to be exact. She started her studies in 1958, dropped out to marry and rear four children, and returned to graduate cum laude in 1983. Success, right? Yet, at mid-life, that was just the […]

Believe in Energy, Not Age!

How many times have you seen someone walk into a room and alter the energy level between the four walls?  Actually it happens every time someone enters a room, for better or worse.  The atmosphere changes. Now, it’s time for YOU to walk into a room and be the force, the energy that makes a […]

Exercise: Your Chance to “Weigh In”

Moderate exercise could be your ticket to success with health after 60.  Somewhere between being a couch potato and a fitness fanatic is apparently the sweet spot. A recent longtitudinal study of 660,000 people from ages 21-98 has given rise to recommendations to do 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week or 75 minutes of […]