Reinventing Retirement

Retirement Changes: How to Soar

“Reinvent, repurpose, rediscover, rewire, redirect, reimagine, renew, reflect, retire”….It seems like life is one “re” after another.

An exception is “retirement.” Studies show most of us won’t be doing that, at least not in ways of our parents’ generation.  There will be retirement changes unlike ever before

Looks like we’ll just have to “readjust” if we want to soar.

Join this adventurous journey as we “recalibrate” and “recalculate” our futures.

This ever- evolving blog will include stories of people striving to achieve, maintain share success as they define it. We’ll profile interesting people. We;ll highlight novel ideas.  Topics will include those of great interest to our generation: health, finance, relationships, travel and more.

Let us hear about colorful, inspirational personalities you might know.   Let us hear ideas you’d like to share defining or redefining “Success After 60.”  Let us hear from you if you just want to say “Hello.”

We’re all on the same ship on our journey to“Live long and prosper” the universe of retirement changes.

Your Crew

Your crew is led by a leading-edge baby boomer blazing new trails with her cohorts and exploring new horizons.

Join our crew — your tribe —  on our amazing voyage.   Contact us today!

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