Success After 60: Reinventing Retirement on Your Revolutionary Voyage

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Join Adventurous Baby Boomers Like You

Who Are Reinventing Retirement

on a Revolutionary Voyage

The world has changed dramatically since Baby Boomers took their first breaths. As a result, this huge demographic moving into retirement years will experience opportunities and challenges no other generation has faced.

And, because such a large number will be living many more years after traditional retirement, Boomers will cause society to change along with them.

Viewing this historical juxtaposition as an adventurous voyage best taken with cohorts, Vicki Vega has transformed her Success After 60 blog into an eBook that seeks to inform, inspire and create an informal dialogue about the shared revolutionary journey.

Success After 60: Reinventing Retirement on Your Revolutionary Voyage
opens with “It’s all about you, the Baby Boomer: what you care about, what you want, what you need to know.” And the pages that follow fulfill the promise.

The book provides useful information, translates current research into bite-sized tidbits written in conversational language and sprinkles stories about “Everyday Explorers” the author has met along the way.

The author is a leading-edge Baby Boomer who has reinvented herself numerous times in her professional career which has included media, education and business. A Florida native, she is accustomed to living and working with retirement-aged individuals as they migrate to the “The Sunshine State” to begin a new life.

With this background, and now making the voyage herself, she offers a personal perspective on a perennial topic.

“As Baby Boomers once again ‘come of age’ in great numbers, the generation known as ‘revolutionaries’ are destined to reinvent retirement,” Vicki says. “The question we seek to answer is: How will we do this successfully… guided by our own personal definitions and in our own terms.”


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