Never, Never, Never Get Sick!




Back in the day when doctors made house calls, Dr. Corum, our family physician, would pull up in front of our house with his medical bag at the end of what was surely a long day.

He’d pull out his stethoscope and thermometer and do what he could to cure my ills. (This was also the era of having fresh milk delivered daily by the milk man, so it gives you an idea of how far back into pre-historic times my memory goes.)

Today, that would never happen…unless, of course, the trend toward concierge or boutique medicine expands to the average Joe or Josephine.

Today, you’re lucky if you can get past the recorded message and if ANYONE at all, much less a physician, even returns your call.

No wonder kiosks are popping up everywhere with or without technicians there to help you help yourself, sometimes with a remote, on-demand doctor popping up on a screen.

And what would we do without WebMD?!

Hospital emergency rooms are being supplemented — and maybe ultimately replaced — with urgent care facilities.  Doctors are leaving private practice and becoming corporate employees.

Prescription drugs are often so expensive we may be tempted to think about selling our first-born grandchild.  God forbid!

So here’s one solution:  Never, never, never get sick!

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