Discovering Your Roots

Can discovering your roots give you a clue about the meaning of life?  It seems that at about the age of 50, we suddenly realize that we likely have more years behind us than ahead of us.

By the time we reach 60, it seems we “step on the gas” to find answers to life’s burning questions.  Stepping on the gas to travel where, I sometimes wonder.

Today, I began rummaging through old family photos — taken 50 to 100 years ago – and discovered there were photos of people I could not identify.  Some of the faces kept popping up like “jacks in the box” with a vague familiarity that I couldn’t pinpoint.  Then, I realized that I may never know who they are because there is nobody left to ask.  The generation before me is now virtually non-existent.

I am asking myself what I should do with the pictures.  I have so many –  thousands, in fact — about people I know and love that it seems like it would be “going down a rabbit hole” — to even think about this.

Has anyone in cyberspace had the same experience?  Any ideas you can share with the rest of us?  Otherwise, sadly, the dumpster is waiting!


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