Success is Finding Your Paradise



Success is finding your paradise


Success is Finding Your Paradise

Just as the definition of success is a personal one, so is the definition of paradise.

It would be safe to say, however, that almost all of us want to be successful and live in paradise.

So, exactly, where is paradise?  Is it on the map?  Is it in our minds?  Is it a spiritual place?

Or is it Success Village? Wandering around the internet looking for a blog topic, I stumbled into a real place called Success Village.

I wondered if that were, indeed, Paradise. Had I found, at long last, everything I’d been looking for?

You can walk to a lake and to a shopping center from your two or three-bedroom unit. There’s a community center with a packed calendar of social activities and a gym.  It’s a progressive community…meaning you can move from independent to assisted living and finally into a nursing home.

Hmm….Not sure if that’s for me.  Is something like this for you?  Is this what you call paradise?  Is it success?

Would love to hear your thoughts.  I’m still thinking about this!


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