How to Live Long and Prosper

Success is Rewiring NOT Retiring!

As we seek the key to retirement success, there are many who have come before us who can serve as inspirations. Many of these standouts have chosen rewirement over retirement.  They have tenaciously and passionately chosen a goal and have refused to rest until they have reached it.

Here’s a nugget  from Winston Churchill, to spur us on:

Never, never, never give up.”

True to his words, Churchill stayed his course. It was not until age 64 that he was chosen to serve as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Louis Pasteur persisted and, at age 62, gave the first successful injection against rabies.

Grandma Moses began painting seriously in her 70s, exhibited her first solo show at 80 and continued throughout her 90s.

Ben Franklin invented bifocal glasses at age 83.

Mother Teresa worked until she was 86 when she had established 517 missions with 450 centers in more than 100 countries.

Tony Bennett is still crooning at age 88.

Betty White is still making us laugh at age 93.

What can we learn from these and many other people, famous and otherwise, that will help us lead successful lives – as we define it — beyond the traditional retirement years? That’s the fundamental question we seek to answer.

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Live long and prosper



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