Romance and Sex After 60

What is romance after 60?  Where does it fit in, if at all, with sex?  How do you define yourself as successful in this arena?  Do you even care?

Somewhere between complete chastity and dirty dancing is where many of us over 60 probably define ourselves.  That’s a fact, however, only if you trust the research about our cohort. But, I’ve been wondering: Who’s talking to whom about such private matters…and does it skew the findings? Hmm,….

By now, having done a fair amount of research on the romance and/or sex after 60 topic, I am getting a barrage of provocative emails and ads from the “cookie” trail I’ve left behind after visiting websites of all sorts….all in the name of science, of course.

The “how to” websites abound.  These focus on the techniques of play for those who think they might not know enough by now.   The “why to” websites focus on the many health benefits, both emotional and physical.

Then there are the “who to” that focus on match making.  These are filled with thousands upon thousands of profiles and pictures. The “where to” websites  make an appeal to travelers and adventurers.  The “when to” give advices as to timing which is always a key for anything we do or don’t do.

So, how does this fit in with “Where’s Your Paradise?”  Is it a person, place or feeling?  What are you looking for?  Have you found it?

Are you moving to or living in a place like The Villages in Florida, an adult playground…. or staying as far away as possible?

Let’s talk about this.  It’s important.


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