15 Lessons Learned From the Lockdown

As we begin to emerge from this pandemic-induced lockdown, here are a few lessons we may have learned.
1.  We can be our own best friends for an extended period of time, sometimes even enjoying our newly-found solitude.  This beats feeling lonely.
2.  We have had to learn to use our eyes much more to communicate.  The eyes, indeed  “have it”  as our noses and mouths are hidden behind our masks.
3. Simple acts of kindness and generosity — whether we are giving or receiving — are appreciated now more than ever. We seem more clearly attuned to the needs of others.
4.  Superficialities have taken a back seat or disappeared entirely.
5.  Keeping clean with basics like soap and paper products are newly-appreciated items.
6.  Essential workers are our true superheroes and should be recognized with not only respect but good wages.
7.  Family and friends matter now more than ever.
8.  Many of us have finally discovered that we can actually work and learn from anywhere given the tools and permissions.
9.  Food and housing are privileges not afforded by enough people.
10.  Having money on reserve is important when rainy days come…and stay for longer than anticipated.
11.  Not everyone agrees with science and is willing to protect others by wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.
12.  Nature is worth preserving because that’s where we go to maintain our sanity.
13.  We have unleashed a technological and scientific revolution which can catapult us towards a far better tomorrow as long as we harness it properly.
14.  The human spirit is industrious and innovative and rises to challenge in the face of difficulty.
15.  Change is, indeed,  inevitable… and, ready or not, here it is!

Ageless Wonder


  1. Some have discovered new hobbies and talents such as writing or drawing, or rediscovered talents and hobbies that had been put aside due to busy lives.

    • So true, Toni! In a real sense, we have had the opportunity to truly encounter ourselves in this forced pause. In some cases, we are all the better for it. If we are so lucky, we should use these discoveries not just to better ourselves but to better the world. Yes?

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