Boomer Success: Hitting 70


Boomer Success: Hitting 70

2016 is the year our first wave of Baby Boomers hit 70.  We are the generation that changed the world in the 60s and, by all indications, we are positioned to change the world again.  Our contribution is, once again, due to our massive numbers.  This time we are aging and, all around the globe, countries are bracing for the impact this will have on the workplace, marketplace and in the healthcare industry.

But, wait,  if we don’t change the world ourselves, we’ll have to, at least, accommodate huge changes that have taken place since our youth.

We live in an ever-changing world.  One that is changing by the millisecond.  It is leaving behind those who are clinging to a past where whites were a majority.  It is calling for us all to witness, if not accept, major changes in social mores and values.  And it’s demanding us all to “get with”  a technological revolution or be left in the dust.

Gender roles have changed dramatically in our lifetime with a majority of women now in the workplace and an increasing number as primary household wage earners.  Pay equity has never been more of an issue while some of us are working longer with no end in sight.

Advances in medical science have increased our 70-year-old Boomer’s life expectancy to another 15 years on average.

And some of us are happy about it despite the challenges ahead.

“I can’t wait to turn 70,” said the wide-eyed, grey-haired woman on her way to a yoga class at the local YMCA.  “I retired three years ago and started running half-marathons.  Right now, I’m in competition with 60 year-olds.  Next month, when I turn 70, I’ll be the junior member of my category and my odds of winning will go way up!”

A positive way of looking at life.  That’s got to be a key component of Success After 60.

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