Success is Discovering Your Destiny

What is the meaning of life?

Time to reflect

Time to Reflect, Discover Your Destiny

Celebrating another new year has prompted me, once again, to think about making at least one resolution. It’s not something I’m prone to do, however, given that so many of us break these promises just days after we make them.  Nonetheless, I’m contemplating a big one this year: Discovering Your Destiny.

Heavy stuff.   Why and why now?  Realizing,  at well over 60, I now have many more new years behind me than ahead of me, I’m thinking it’s time – certainly overdue — to get serious about finding my purpose and passion.

Up to now I’ve left this search for philosophers and spiritual gurus.  I’ve been too busy growing up, learning and earning a living and rearing a family.   Reacting rather than reflecting.

Now what?  Now begins for me, in earnest, a search for meaning.  It’s now or never. as they say.

After all, who wants to get to the end of the road and realize the journey has been all for naught.

Time.  A precious commodity.

What would you give to live another day?  What would you do with it?

Not one who wants to waste that limited amount of time, I searched  the internet for “How to Discover Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Destiny.”  A multitude of books are written on this subject so let’s be real.  I want a quick fix. After all, the clock is ticking…and rather loudly, I’d say.

Aha!  There it was. Right in front of me.  And in 7 easy steps.

Here they are without the detail you’ll see on the link.

  1.  Determine your unique TRAP (talents, resources, abilities, passions).
  2.  Discover and inventory your talents.
  3.  Calculate your resources.
  4.  Decide all your abilities.
  5.  Discover your passions.
  6.  Meditate on your lists after looking at them carefully.
  7.  Look carefully at the image.

These guidelines, like our lives, are a work in progress and a collaboration of individuals who care to contribute.

So, with that inspiration, I commit to the journey of discovering my destiny.  How about you?  Got the time?

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