Success is Renewing Childhood Friendships

 Success is Renewing Childhood Friendships

If you’re lucky, you still hang on to your childhood friendships.  In this ever-changing, whirling planet, it’s nice to be able to share a memory or relive a moment with someone who was there for your sixth birthday party, especially if your parents and grandparents have departed.


And, so, six of us gathered for a hamburger at a recently-resurrected local hangout that had been a fixture in our hometown since the 1920s.  It was more than a burger with special sauce, a pickle and chopped onions.  It was a memory.  It was a momentary return to our early life.

The Goody Goody restaurant was a local gathering point during the era our parents grew up in Tampa.  Thanks to a school mate of ours who had the inspiration to bring it back to life, the six of us now in our 60s, were able to reminisce about a time long-since past, a time when we were children and a time even before we were born.

And, somehow, as we savored the burger and talked of an era that few would know or understand, we felt successful:  successful to have been there then and to still be here now.

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